What Do You Value?

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

More and more I am realizing what I value in life. Along my journey, life is teaching me what is important me to. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER, and I’m loving it. Why? It is the only way you are truly going to know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU VALUE.

There are certain things we can learn from others and there are other things we have to learn on our own. That way we are experiencing things from our prespective and not from another person.

Over the months, I’ve spent many mornings and nights reflecting and realizing what I can do without and what I can’t. God’s word is full of examples what we should and shouldn’t value. When you are clear on what you value, you leave no room for nonsense.

My value and your value is not wrapped up in another person. It’s wrapped up inside of you. It’s for you to dig down and realizing it and get clear. Real clear.

Do you value possessions?

Do you value being ‘wanted or needed’?

Do you value sex?

Do you value praises?

Do you value money?

Do you value your family?

Do you value your soul?

Do you value connection?

Do you value your peace of mind?

Do you value your relationship with God?

Do you value your job?

The questions are endless.

What I value are not possessions, things, superficial praises and/or accolades. Instead my values involve a deep connections with people.


Let’s connect and share with me what you value.



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