2016 Praise Report

What does your 2016 Praise Report look like? What did 2016 reveal to you that you should be praising God for? Maybe you’re still waiting for that one thing, and if you are, keep praising God for it. God doesn’t sleep and NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE  FOR HIM TO ACCOMPLISH!! 

Some things I wrote down for 2016 praise report were:

  • graduating grad school
  • teaching sunday school
  • visiting a new country
  • exploring my creativity (more to come in 2017)

img_5555-1This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder of Horacio Printing, for a Dream Planning Party. I was among like-minded women who shared their praise reports.  We reported what we were thankful for. We praised God for what WILL come, we praised God for victories that took place in 2016. The amount of candidness that was in the room was simply admirable. We all had one thing in common; to allow God’s will to manifest in our lives.

Soo..we have two more weeks left in the Fourth Quarter and like I said, nothing  is impossible with God in the midst of our journey. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting, praying and seeking God. There are things I need to continue to work on that I’m believing God is stirring me to do.

My 2016 THE BEST IS YET TO COME planner, helped me along my journey by forcing me to refocus and take an inventory of my desires. There were things that did come to pass and things I am still waiting to see manifest. If God did it before, he can truly do it again. So I’m believing, praising and resting in his will. In due time and on God’s time.

I’ve already purchased my Heavenly 2017 planner and wrote out my TOP 3 DREAMS FOR 2017. I’m working on being
consistent and intentional with what I write down. If you haven’t wrote out your 2017 goals, I want to encourage you to do that. Sit down, eliminate the distractions, turn on your favorite music that calms you and write out what you want to see happen in 2017, for you, your friends and family. Once you do that…TAKE ACTION!

If you visit Horacio Printing website, there are resources available, which helped me through this process. Since sharing is caring, visit their page that is full of encouragement and resources to help you.

Romans 4: 20-21 says “Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.”

Just like Abraham faith grew…SO CAN YOUR’S!! Take this verse and run with it. I know I am.

I pray this helped and encourage you to take charge and be bold with your dream planning for 2017.





One thought on “2016 Praise Report

  1. I love your praise report! It’s so important to show God how grateful you are for all He’s blessed you with, which opens up more blessings. You are highly favored Kaye-lani and I look forward to seeing where God brings you in 2017!

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