Part of our journey there will be plenty of wait and see moments and we have to embrace, whether we like it or not. These wait and see moments may include waiting for a test result, waiting to see which college accepts you, waiting to see whether you got the job. All of these moments adds to your faith journey.

I came across this book called Wait and See: Finding Peace in God’s Pauses and Plans by Wendy Pope. Which is part of a Proverbs 31 Ministry Online Bible Study

The amount of insight and the amount of transparency that’s in this book had me like…me too! If I had the opportunity I would quote this entire book. I wish I can sum up this book in a few words but I’m not done yet. I will tell you this much, it references King David’s journey a lot. This book is very interactive and Wendy Pope have you pause to think about your wait and see moments.

In the book, Wendy had listed 5 Waiting Misconceptions we often encounter.

Misconceptions #1: If I am waiting, I must not have heard God correctly.

It’s important to invite God into our wait from the beginning because we give up too easily when we don’t see what we want to see when we want to see it. We can redirect the negative thoughts we often receive by revisiting the moments when we sensed the Lord’s nudge. Waiting well teaches us to trust His delays rather than doubt His ways.

Misconceptions #2: If I am waiting, I must desire something not in God’s will for my life.

We have this misconception when you think God wants you to do or be something, but you’re not sure because you’re still waiting. That is when we need to prepare in the pauses so we’re ready to embrace God’s plan.

Misconceptions #3: If I am waiting, I must not be praying enough.

“Never stop praying”-1 Thessalonians 5:17 (NLT). Your prayer life shouldn’t stop. It helps you fight discouragement and strengthening you to face each day.

Misconceptions #4: If I am waiting, I must not have enough faith.

Sometimes waiting has less to do with the strength of your faith and more to with the perfection of God’s timing. God makes us wait at times so we can glean valuable lessons. But He never does so out of spite.

Misconceptions #5: If I am waiting, I must not be working hard enough.

Waiting well pushes through the pause by doing what we know to do. King David’s wait wasn’t easy but he pushed through the difficulties by doing what he knew to do; tend sheep, serve faithfully and obey God patiently.

Out of all the misconceptions I found myself saying #1 and #2 in reference to things I desired.

Which misconceptions resonates with you? Share below in the comments box.




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